E-learning leerpad vrijblijvend proberen?

Als relatie van Hemingway bieden wij u graag voor één maand een leerpad aan naar eigen keuze om kennis te maken met onze e-learning mogelijkheden. U kunt kiezen uit de onderstaande drie onderwerpen:

Human Resource Management:

Our partner Focus Orange will guide you through the world of Human Resource Management. First, they will dive into the strategic side of HRM. Subsequently, the operational side of human resource management will be discussed as for example 'talent management' and 'board succession'. The learning path will end with the topics remuneration and KPI setting for the company’s board members which are set and evaluated in the Remuneration Committee. 


Our partner Innovation Booster will discuss innovation for corporates, focused on the role of the non-executive. First, it gives a broad introduction in innovation. Subsequently it will focus on creating new innovative business opportunities in the second chapter. The third and last chapter focuses on how corporates can be transformed to adapt faster to changing environments and develop innovations faster. When you have concluded this learning module you will be able to help and facilitate CEO’s and CFO’s in making decisions in a fast-paced and changing environment.

Digital Trends:

Our partner Oracle will show you examples of new technological advancements that will change the way how we do business and live our lives. Are we about to be disrupted by a brand new competitor leveraging one of these new trends? Can we take advantage of them to work smarter, faster, better?

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