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Human Resource Managenent

This learning path dives into the strategic side of HRM, discusses the operational side of for example  'talent management' and 'board succession', and covers the topics remuneration and KPI setting for the company’s board members which are set and evaluated in the Remuneration Committee. In between non-executive board members will find important questions to reflect on.


This e-learning will discuss innovation for corporates, focused on the role of the non-executive. 
In the first learning path it gives a broad introduction in innovation. Subsequently it will focus on creating new innovative business opportunities in the second learning path. The third and last learning path focuses on how corporates can be transformed to adapt faster to changing environments and develop innovations faster. Every learning path concludes with the implications of the topic on your role as a supervisor.

When you have concluded this learning module you will be able to help and facilitate CEO’s and CFO’s in making decisions in a fast-paced and changing environment. 

Integriteit van Organisaties

Het thema integriteit en ethiek van en binnen organisaties staat zowel in de publieke als in de private sector volop in de belangstelling. In dit leerpad wordt het thema uitgewerkt en antwoord gegeven op: Hoe ontstaan integriteitsschendingen? Hoe kunnen we ze voorkomen? En welke handelingsperspectieven heeft een organisatie om haar integriteit en daarmee de kwaliteit te vergroten? Wat is daarbij de rol van de toezichthouder? 

Reputation & Reputation Management

This learning path aims to create greater awareness and understanding of the value of reputation and reputation management. It also provides insights into how to protect, manage and even grow reputation. Reputation is too often associated only with crisis (response), which is an important subject. There is, however, much more to it and supervisory board members have an important role to play in managing and protecting it.

Mergers and Acquisitions

This learning path discusses M&A strategy and its importance and gives clear insight into the process of M&A, from the pre-transaction phase to the maybe most important phase; the post transaction phase. The  contribution of  supervisory board members is invaluable to help management extract more value from M&A and reduce the risks involved.

Data Protection & Privacy

This e-learning aims to create better understanding and awareness of the value of Privacy and Data Protection and maxing out on the potential of Data at the same time. It also provides insights into how to execute internal governance on the providing and demanding of Trust. Trust and Data both essential in creating Shared Value.

The six chapters contain guidance and reflections which will be of help to you as a Supervisory Board member in supervising the value creation process, in a world becoming increasingly more uncertain, in times when, in seemingly contrast, Data is a key driver.


Welke vragen moet u stellen voordat u een toezichthoudende functie aanvaard? En wat moet u weten over de juridische achtergrond – de bevoegdheden en verantwoordelijkheden van de raad? Denk daarbij o.a. aan samenstelling van de raad, aansprakelijkheid, besluitvorming en tegenstrijdige belangen, de relatie met de OR en enquêteprocedures. Dit leerpad richt zich tot zowel de beginnende als de ervaren commissaris, maar de inhoud geldt ook voor toezichthouders in de not-for-profit.

Digital trends 

In this learning path we will show you examples of new technological advancements that will change the way how we do business and live our lives. We will not spend time diving into the inner workings of all these new techniques, but rather look at the characteristics and see what the impact could be for us. Are we about to be disrupted by a brand new competitor leveraging one of these new trends? Can we take advantage of them to work smarter, faster, better?

We will also give you some trigger questions you might use to find out how the organization you are supervising is doing and where the organization might be leading or lagging.

Integratie van ESG risico's: Coming soon! Release November 2020 

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