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Much is expected from the supervisory boardmember in today's society. You must have a vision towards the innovation strategy, you must be aware of your responsibility and therefore your managerial position. You have to read about the latest technological developments, know what the customer wants, know what the stakeholders want and if possible dare to "challenge" the current business model.

In other words: you must be a robust discussion partner for the board and its specialists, especially when it comes to the long-term value creation of the organization. And to be able to effectively monitor its implementation.

And all this in a context in which social, technological, geopolitical and economic developments follow each other in rapid succession and often also occur simultaneously.

Hemingway Professional Governance aims to support the Non-Executive and Supervisory boardmembers in these challenges through our full service provision that is entirely dedicated to what we call: Creating Tomorrow's Governance.


Our full service portfolio:



Programme's (by invitation only)

Our programs are based on the development of vision, knowledge and skills of supervisors. We combine knowledge, experience and peer-group learning in a compact, high-quality formula with 14 participants.

College - For directors and professionals who want to prepare for a supervisory board. Orientation to the profession of supervision and own due diligence are central.

Chamber - For supervisors who hold at least two supervisory board memberships and who are looking to deepen and deal with dillemas in supervision and to increase their effectiveness.

Corporate Digital - For professionals within the job areas: CDO, CHR, CIO, CMO and CTO with the ambition for a supervisory position. How do you fill in your role as a "digital expert" in a board that itself has not been widely introduced in these new areas?

Non-Executive Leadership - The Zijlstra Center (VU Amsterdam) and Hemingway have combined their academic knowledge, networks, experience of daily practice and action repertoire in this course. For non-executives and supervisors who want to develop further in the field of integrity issues and ethical dilemmas. Academically accredited and an alternative to the non-executive boardmember training at Nijenrode, Erasmus and TIAS.

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Forums - Governance of Innovation (open subscription)

Hemingway organizes several Forums every year, for internal supervisors and directors, in which they enter into dialogue with knowledge partners and experience partners about innovation, technology and its impact on the role of the non-executive.
The forums are accessible to both executive and non-executives.

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E-learning for non-executives (membership)

The pressure on Non Executives is increasing every day, the amount of information and providers thereof is increasing as well. E-learning for Non Executives brings the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge from different knowledge partners available 24/7 on the My Hemingway platform.

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Board Evaluation 

From a easy accessible online self-evaluation to a tailor-designed and fully guided evaluation. Hemingway has a wide range of possibilities for the (self) evaluation of the Supervisory Board, based on intelligent software and reporting developed by us. The online self-evaluation offers the possibility to add specific questions to the sector or organization.

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360 graden non-executive Feedback Module

The Non-Executive 360 feedback module contributes to get a clear view of your own role as supervisor. By structurally collecting and processing feedback towards behavior from different experts, processed in a report and supported by a personal meeting with the 360Careers expert, you gain insight into your functioning as a supervisor and opportunities for personal growth. Also, the discrepancy between your own perception and from the expert provides an useful insight and tools.

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Non-executive Search

Hemingway Professional Governance recruits experienced and new supervisory and non-executive boardmembers to come to a diverse, robust and relevant board. Over the years - partly due to our non-executive programme's - Hemingway has built up perhaps the most high-quality non-executive database in the Netherlands on the basis of the by invitation only principle. When recruiting non-executive boardmembers, we not only have insight into what they can do, but also who they are and what role they play within the Board.

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Strategic Board Assessment

The Strategic Board Assessment (SBA) instrument enables the Supervisory Board to directly compare the capacities of the executive team with the complexity of the strategy. Leadership viewed through the lens of strategy. This leads to clear insight into the extent to which the team is able to execute the strategy and what the individual skills of each team member are.

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(Non-) Executive China Programme

Hemingway developed two (non)-executive programmes together with our partner the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), in 2019 elected as number one business school in China. The aim of the programme is to build better mutual understanding of governance between Chinese and European (non)-executives and investors and to strengthen business opportunities. The first trip in December 2019 was highly rated  by participants.

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