Curriculum overview

Curriculum Governance of Innovation in Banking Overview 2018 en 2019

Curriculum Agenda 2018/2019

The curriculum focusses on two major trends impacting global economies in general and the Banking sector specific:  (1) Energy transition and (2) Digitalisation. The key theme of the Curriculum is: The role of the non-executive with respect to the innovativeness of the enterprise.’

During 2018 and the beginning of 2019 two Forum Meetings will be organised on Friday´s and four Themed Round Table Sessions at Wednesday:


 Forum Governance of Innovation in Banking Part I:
Digitalisation – The Digital Bank  
2 November 2018
>> programme & speakers
Forum Governance of Innovation in Banking Part II:
Energy transition – Banking in a Low Carbon Economy
23 November 2018
>> programme & speakers
Themed Focus Round Table Digitalisation:
The Digital agenda for the Non-Executive Board 
30 January 2019 - Case Fintech
>> programme & speakers
20 March 2019 - Case Virtual Bank
>> programme & speakers
Themed Focus Round Table Energy transition:
The Energy transition agenda for the Non-Executive Board
13 February 2019 - Case Alliander: 'A future without Gas'
>> programme & speakers
24 April 2019 - Circular Economy: Public Private Partnerships as key enabler
>> programme & speakers

Registration and curriculum costs

The following forms of participation in the Curriculum Governance of Innovation in Banking are possible:

The Full Curriculum Governance of Innovation in Banking consists of two Forum sessions with a maximum of 40 participants and a choice of two round table meetings of choice with a maximum of 15 participants. In total the Full Curriculum consists of four afternoon meetings, spread over eight months. The central themes of the two forums and round table meetings are digitalisation and sustainable economy / climate and energy transition.

>> Enrollment Full Curriculum (€ 2500, i.e. 20% reduced rate).

RvC Package for two non-executive board members from the same supervisory board. The non-executive board members devide the Forums and the Round Table sessions. The time investment can easily be overseen (3 afternoon meetings per person, spread over eight months) and it enables to jointly bring insights into the Board, engaging with confidence in a robust innovation dialogue within the Board.

>> Package registration (for 2 persons, € 4000, i.e. 20% reduced rate). We request you to use our Registration service, with reference to your (secretarial) contact details. 

Registration per Curriculum component. The Curriculum has 6 components (2 Forums and 4 Round tables). Forum participants have priority at registration for Round tables.

>> Register per Curriculum component (Forum: € 850, Round table: € 750)

To make it easy, you may request the Registration Service. Please state your contact details so that we can contact you as soon as possible.


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