E-learning for Non Executives

Stay always up to date



The pressure on Non Executives is increasing every day, the amount of information and providers thereof is increasing as well. E-learning for Non Executives brings the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge from different knowledge partners available 24/7 on the MyHemingway platform.

Always up to date with the E-learning platform from Hemingway

The first E-learning platform for Non Executives in the Netherlands is available. It is a simple and efficient way to stay up to date. The platform offers multiple learning paths, provided by our knowledge partners.

Each learning path is made up of texts, documents, videos and presentations with a number of control questions at the end. The learning paths take approximately 2.5 hours. The learning path is concluded with the possibility to participate in a Masterclass where all participants in the learning path can take a deeper level per quarter with the knowledge partner (blended learning). 

The learning paths and our knowledge partners 

Every month a new learning path will be added, and the learning paths will be renewed regularly. Learning paths for each sector will become available in the course of 2020. The upcoming learning paths:

Yearly subscription

To make E-learning easily accessible, we offer an annual subscription per Non Executive Board. You indicate how many accounts you need. With their own account, each member can decide for themselves via My Hemingway when and which learning paths he or she wants to follow. Each learning path has a certain number of PE points. These are registered on MyHemingway after completion of the learning path.


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