Governance of Innovation


Nowadays, there are certain essential themes with respect to innovation that cannot be absent from the agenda of non-executives (any longer), such as: Open Innovation & Innovation Infrastructure; Climate & Sustainability; Circular Economy; Industry 4.0; Disruptive Technology.

The Forum Series Governance of Innovation

In anticipation of the revised Corporate Governance Code in 2017 – in which the rise of new business models and technological innovation will be explicitly incorporated – Hemingway Professional Governance has initiated the Forum Series Governance of Innovation with the central theme: ‘the role of the non-executive with respect to the innovativeness of the organisation’. The Forum Series will be organised on the following dates: 

  • Innovation in Industry (November 22)
  • Innovation in Finance (November 29)
  • Innovation in Health (March 20)
  • Insights in Innovation - Digital (April 17)
  • Insights in Innovation - Climate (June 5)

Each Forum offers a unique and exclusive dialogue with nine opinion leaders regarding the above mentioned themes. Please be aware that all Forums are held in Dutch, except for the annual Forum. In each Forum, both internal and external non-executives are provided with the knowledge, insights and tools that enable them to make a professional contribution to the governance of innovation, and improves their supervision upon the opportunities and risks that technological innovations can offer.

The Forum Series are part of the overall supervisory curriculum of Hemingway Professional Governance, which aims to enhance the development of vision and knowledge with respect to the governance of innovation.

From our alumni, Hemingway Forums receive a 4.6 out of scale of 5.0 

For whom?

The Masterclass series primarily focuses on internal and external supervisors/non-executives. In addition, the series are open for managers who wish to address certain themes with their supervisors.


€750,- per Forum session. 

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“Most European businesses are aware of their exposure to material risks from climate change, as well as the upside business growth opportunities from climate-driven demand. Many have implemented strategies which aim to manage the risks and opportunities. However, a lack of focus on radical innovation indicates that they plan to approach the issue within a ‘Business-As-Usual’ framework.”

(Source: ‘Sparking an innovation step change – Creating a roadmap for the diffusion of radical climate innovation in European business’, December 2015, issued by Climate-KIC)


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