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Yearly Hemingway offers multiple forums for executives and non-executives that will create the dialogue with widely 40 opinionleaders about innovation and the impact on supervision. Click here for an impression of the Banking Forum of 2017 (Dutch). 


The total costs amounts €750,-, exclusive VAT (per participant). You can enroll through the regisration form. Hemingway recommends to start with the introductory session 'Insight in Innovation' by additing on or other deeply sessions. 

The Forum Hemingway Programmes contains two sessions of participation that is part of the Hemingway Program. 

Alumni and partners gain a 50% discount for the participation of the Governance of Innovation Forum, exclusive Forums out of the partner curriculums. You can registrate to make use of the guestcode. 

The total costs of a Masterclass amounts €150 VAT. Towards Alumni and partners we offer an €75 excl. VAT. 




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