360º feedback

360º feedback


The changing role of boards 

The roleplay of the non-executive is essentialy different compare to the roleplay of the executive, however the panels are slowly moving closer. The relation between the executive board and the non-executive board is becoming more intens as we see that in practice we slightly move forward to a 'One and half Tier Board' cooperation. A proper example is the discussion about strategic development and long-term value creation that often has been mentioned in the 'New Governance'. This development is understandable, but the importance of role division and role purity becomes more important. 

Competentions of the Module

The Non-Executive 360 feedback module contributes to get a clear view of your own role as supervisor. By structurally collecting and processing feedback towards behavior from different experts, processed in a report and supported by a personal meeting with the 360Careers expert, you gain insight into your functioning as a supervisor and opportunities for personal growth. Also, the discrepancy between your own perception and from the expert provides an useful insight and tools.

The participants were surprised about the outcomes and the return for their supervisory qualities. 

You can actively test the acquired insights during Hemingway's supervisory programs. The modules can also be used in our board evaluations or can be purchased separately


360Careers is an organization of experts that guides (future) leaders, in this time of rapid developments and high expectations, to the top of their professional lives. The 360 degree feedback method is one of their specializations


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