Board Evaluations


Board Evaluations 

Due the insights that we gain during our non-executive education programs, the Forum Series Governance on innovation and our Non Executive search assignments, with all practicality we are able to carry out board evaluations at a high level. We are well connected to the content with a healthy sense of administrative relations and extensive experience in the profit sector, with listed companies, independent governing body, educational and healthcare institutions, cultural institutions and housing corporations. It is precisely through this broad experience that we involve insights from other sectors (cross-pollination). 

We are increasingly seeing that the strategy (future) and suitability of the Supervisory Board (answer to the future) are part of board evaluations. In our supervisory programs, too, the strategy and the role of the supervisors have become an integral part, because the role and responsibility are shifting. The Governance Code also speaks of responsibility for long-term value creation.

The combination of non-executive education, search and board evaluations gives us a good insight into dilemmas, in the recalibrations and in - sometimes practical - guidelines. But our approach goes beyond that. Because of the new paradigms of supervision as a result of innovation and technology, we also look at the extent to which the cooperation and the composition of the Supervisory Board meet the requirements of supervision in this time, in which innovation part off. 

Board evaluation goes beyond looking at the mutual cooperation in the past 

It also concerns cooperation in the future to continue to contribute to the continuity of the organization

Board evaluation - Essential

By means of an online evaluation available in My Hemingway you as a Non Executive Board can perform a self-evaluation. When everyone has completed the evaluation, the Non Executive Board receives an automatically generated report as a discussion piece for the self-evaluation.

Board evaluation - Plus

For the Non Executive Board that wants external reflection. Hemingway will moderate the evaluation during the board meeting on the basis of the self-evaluation. 

Board evaluation - Premium

For in-depth evaluation (for example, once every three years), Hemingway provides the evaluation including individual interviews with all supervisors and administrators and Hemingway will moderate the evaluation session.


360 degree feedback module in addition to the board evaluation 

Online questionnaires serve as the basis for one-on-one interviews, but are not leading. A 360-degree feedback module can be added to the evaluation. Afterwards, we will present an evaluation methodology that enables you as a Council to complete the evaluation. 


  • Independent and Innovative 
  • Professional (personal) development of non-executives 
  • Topical 
  • Promoting inspiring and elaboratin
  • Provides insight into motives of the supervisor 

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