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Hemingway Professional Governance provides (continuous) education programmes and non-executive search. In this day and age, a board member is confronted with much higher demands, not only the technological developments continue to proceed rapidly, company culture, social interaction and an all-round understanding of the business is a continuous requirement that is expected from a successful board member. The Non-Executive Education that Hemingway offers ensures non-executives are permantly up-to-date. Our services includes:


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The first Dutch Non Executive Programme to China (Download brochure)

International Capital Conference Award 2018-2019 for Hemingway 


Highly-quality Non-Executive Network 

Participation in our programmes and non-executive search database is by invitation only. This approach enables us to maintain the high level we strive for which has resulted in a prestigious non-executive database within The Netherlands.

Non-executives and Supervisors 

Hemingway focuses on (up-coming) open minded non-executives who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, where they gain new insights and convey these to others. We solely target the non-executive domain in order to prevent any conflictsof interests between executive and non-executive: an unambiguous approach from a governance point of view.

E-learning for Non-executives

The pressure on Non-executives is increasing every day, the amount of information and providers thereof is increasing as well. The E-learning platform for Non-executives brings the most up to date and relevant knowledge from different knowledge partners together always available on the My Hemingway platform.

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Board Evaluation

Due the insights that we gain during our non-executive education programs, the Forum Series Governance of innovation and our Non Executive search assignments, with all practicality we are able to carry out board evaluations at a high level. We are well connected to the content with a healthy sense of administrative relations and extensive experience in the profit sector, with listed companies, independent governing body, educational and healthcare institutions, cultural institutions and housing corporations.

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Non-executive Search

Hemingway Search supports Supervisory Boards in their composition and in the search of appropriate non-executives – those who are aware of the latest requirements of supervision. Over the past years, Hemingway has built a leading and high-quality network of non-executives based on the principle of ‘invitation only’. We know what our non-executives can do and we also know who they are and what role they play in supervisory boards.

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creating tomorrow's governance