Hemingway Professional Governance enters into a partnership with leading Chinese Business School.

During the International Capital Conference in Beijing, Hemingway Professional Governance signed a cooperation agreement with the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, one of the two leading business schools in China. Due to the intensification of the business relations between China and Europe, the Belt & Road developments, the (not always successful) investments, it is time to develop a top level governance program for (non) executives and top professionals in both Europe as China. The Chinese and European programs offer the participants profound insights into (the differences in) governance systems, in cultural, political, financial landscapes and international investments. A Shenzhen Innovation tour will be part of the Chinese program. In Europe, the program will include different countries, starting in Amsterdam. Interested in participating? Contact Maarten den Ottolander at Ottolander@hemingway-pg.nl or via 06 12866446.


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