Non-Executive Search

Non-Executive only

Hemingway Search supports supervisory boards in their composition and in the acquisition of appropriate non-executives – those who are aware of the latest requirements of supervision. Over the past years, Hemingway has built a leading and high-quality network of non-executives based on the principle of ‘invitation only’. By learning the qualities and skills of the participants during the programmes we are able to fit the perfect match that our clients are looking for. We know what our non-executives can do and we also know who they are and what role they play in supervisory boards.

With the so-called wild card, where one of the three nominated supervisors intentionally does not fully fit the desired profile, Hemingway challenges clients to look beyond the ‘usual suspects’ by taking a broader perspective. Hemingway believes in well-documented and targeted candidate profiles, but mostly relies on the professional insights related to the experience of the candidate and the cultural fit.

Hemingway is specialised in non-executive search but we do not combine this practice with executive search, because these two domains are incompatible according to our principles of good governance. Think about it. Non-executive search is our core business.

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