Happy Earth Day

Looking for a meaningful and 100% transparent way to contribute to Earth Day?

2021 marks the 51st year since the first Earth Day in 1970. Today, the Earth Day Network is calling for worldwide climate action to "Restore our Earth".  Over 1 billion people are expected to participate globally, undertaking any of 51 actions that the Earth Day Network has specified.

 Action #10 on the Earth Day Network’s list involves stopping deforestation.

Hemingway became partner of EcoMatcher in 2020 and has planted over 6000 trees in our Hemingway-forest in Uganda. Meanwhile as an ambassador EcoMatcher we have been stimulating other organisations to do the same; together we have planted over 20.000 trees. And we have only just begun.

By planting Earth Day trees with us, you’re proactively fighting against many environmental issues - including deforestation, habitat destruction and global warming - in one go. Moreover, with EcoMatcher’s transparent tree planting technology (unique QR-codes per tree, drone and block chain) and education programmes you can activate your employees and clients with your Earth Day efforts.

Have a look how you can visit a tree via google satellite.
It is worth trying!

Please contact leonoor@ecomatcher.com if you want to know more about this initiative. Private forests for family purposes (minimum of 500) are also possible. 


EcoMatcher plants trees and complete forests with vetted foundations from around the world that are specialized in tree planting. Through technology, EcoMatcher's clients know everything about every tree planted, offering full transparency. Through EcoMatcher's digital blockchain-based platform, companies can use trees as meaningful corporate gifts, as rewards, for loyalty and employee engagement, and transparent carbon offsetting. You can virtually travel to every tree and learn more about the tree and the tree's farmer. Please visit EcoMatcher at www.ecomatcher.com.


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