The (Non)-Executive Chinese-European Connection Programme

The (Non)-Executive Chinese-European Connection Programme

China is aspired to empower today’s business leaders in taking their successful businesses to other parts of the world, especially to Europe that is becoming more and more an important business partner for Chinese companies in the West now relations with the United States of America are cooling down. In Europe, corporate leaders are becoming more aware of the importance to understand their Chinese business partners better, not only from a commercial but also from a governance and cultural perspective. 

You are invited to join our (Non-) Executive China-Europe Connection Programme. We, Hemingway, developed the programme together with our partner the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), one of the leading business schools in China and with the guidance of 'The China Agenda', an international network of China experts. 

You will visit various European capitals and leading companies. Also, you will meet influential European business leaders and you will team up with some of them, who will join parts of the programme. An important part of the programme are conversations with top management of European multinationals, who have been operating their business in China for decades. They will provide you with a better insight on how European top managers view governance differences between European and Chinese companies. You also have the opportunity to explore business opportunities with European entrepreneurs and to have discussions with European politicians.  

The Programme

The (Non-) Executive Europe – China Connection Programme is an seven days programme. 

The programme is a mixture of lectures, high level dialogues with opinion leaders, business leaders, financial parties and politicians, company visits, networking with European business community members also to explore business opportunities, gaining European-specific knowledge and cultural sightseeing.


The aim of the programme is to build better mutual understanding between Chinese and European (non)-executives and investors and to strengthen business opportunities.


The programme will introduce you in the following major topics to be successful in Europe and China-Europe business co-operation:


How is corporate governance organised in Europe? What is the nature of the dominant legal systems in Europe? What are the financial and regulatory does and don’ts you should know? What business model and business co-operation fit the European business environment best? 

Political landscape 

How does the EU political system work? How is this different from political systems in the EU member states? What are the prevailing political trends in the different European countries?

Cultural differences

What are the main differences in the business cultures in West, East, North and South European countries? How best to address these differences? Are business policies also different in the different European countries? How best to deal with this? 

City highlights 

Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam, Brussels, Stuttgart and Berlin.

Who should attend? 

The programme has been designed for highly positioned, globally minded (non) executives, entrepreneurs and investors, who see their team or organisation’s future strategy closely aligned with the growing opportunities in Europe. This programme is for individuals, who are eager to acquire insights in doing business in Europe, to build a top-level European business network and to explore investment opportunities.  

Members of the European business community with strong interests in building long terms relations with the participating high-level Chinese business executives, who are part of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) elite business network, are invited to join parts of the programme.  

Moreover, members joining the Hemingway programme to China will be invited to participate (partly) in the European programme including one-on-one sessions and network facilities. 


Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) aims to cultivate business leaders with a global vision, a humanistic spirit, a strong sense of social responsibility. Established in Beijing in 2002 with generous support from the Li Ka Sheng Foundation and, CKGSB is China’s first faculty-governed, non-profit, independent business school. CKGSB pioneered the integration of the humanities into its curricula and was the first business school to develop a philanthropy programme.

Our network of international alumni, more than half of whom are at the Chairman or CEO level, collectively lead one-fifth of China’s most valuable brands. The alumni community is supported by the active involvement of Jack Ma, CEO at Alibaba and alumnus of CKGSB.


  • 12K+ Alumni worldwide
    • 50% of alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level
    • 66 of Fortune China’s Top 500 companies in 2017 were led by CKGSB alumni
    • 10 CKGSB alumni were in HBR China’s list of “100 Best Performing CEOs” in 2017



Hemingway Professional Governance is located in the financial district of Amsterdam with offices in The Hague, London and Beijing, providing top level (non)-executive education programmes, board evaluations and non-executive search. We are independent, well respected, independent, innovative and ambitious. Hemingway was founded in 2013 and became marketleader within 4 years. Most corporate companies and national institutions are partners in our programmes. Participation in our programmes and database is by invitation only. This approach enables us to maintain the high level we strive for which has resulted in one of the most prestigious and innovative (non)-executive networks in The Netherlands expanding in Europe. 


  • Network of over 6500 experienced (non)-executives. 
  • Annual education of around 110 (non)-executives. Participation by invitation only. 
  • Connected to 170 top level non-executives and knowledge partners of leading companies and institutions. 
  • Winner of the International Capital Conference award 2018 in Beijing on Chinese – European good governance.


Annette Nijs, founder of The China Agenda, is a former Dutch Cabinet Minister for Education, Science and Culture. For a decade - until recently - she was Executive Director of China Europe International Business School. She received the China's Central Government Friendship Award. The China Agenda is our partner in further developing our Business Governance Programmes both in Europe and China.

Europe programme Saturday 23ndof November until Friday 29thof November

Day 1: November 23rd Saturday Amsterdam 

  • Arrival in Amsterdam and check in Hilton Hotel. 
  • Evening welcome diner Canal tour on Bonne de Miranda through Amsterdam.

Day 2: November 24th Sunday Zaandam

  • Visit to windmill area Zaanse Schans.
  • Lunch and visit the world famous Gassan Diamond Center (optional).
  • Private viewing at the Van Gogh Museum by van Gogh family member. 
  • Dinner in the Hotel: dinner speech by Wijnand Nuijts, Dutch Financial Regulator (Dutch National Bank); Vision on (non) executive suitability requirements and external supervisory institutions.

Day 3: November 25th Monday Amsterdam: Governance, Labour and Technology

  • Lecture by Michiel Wesseling, senior partner at Houthoff; European governance principles.
  • Lunch at the Industriële Grote Club with Netherlands China Business Council and China Table ICG.
  • Company visit; meet Chris Heutink, Board member Randstad Holding, responsible for China on Labour 4.0
  • Annette Nijs, former Dutch Cabinet Minister for Education, Science and Culture and China follower, Observations: governance, labour and technology. 
  • Dinner at Oceania Chinese restaurant. 

Day 4: November 26th Tuesday Delft/Rotterdam Business Opportunities

  • Visit YES!Delft Innovation: meet the scale-ups and investment opportunities.
  • Visit the Technical University Delft: Europe,the cradle of ethical redesign 4.0? by Jeroen van den Hoven, Professor Ethics & Technology 
  • Lunch at YES!Delft
  • Meet the Dutch-Chinese business community Rotterdam; 
  • Welcome by Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam.
  • Lecture by Louise Fresco, Chair Wageningen University; healthy food and living environment. Innovation in agriculture.
  • One on One sessions with business partners.
  • Bob Ernst and Koos TesselaarPartners at Hemingway Corporate Finance and Lead sponsor International Capital Conference; M&A business principles in Europe.
  • One on One sessions with business partners.
  • Network drinks and dinner at Royal Yacht Club de Maas, hosted by the President of the Yacht Club Arnoud van der Slot; dinner speech on European business manners by Allard Castelein, President of Port of Rotterdam, attended by business partners. 

Day 5: November 27th Wednesday Brussels Political Landscape

  • Visit to the European Parliament and European Commission; Business dynamics in a fast-changing European context by Mirella Visser, top non-executive and Member of the Committee EU-China Relations of the Advisory Council International Affairs.
  • Lunch at the Warande, hosted by Philippe de Vicq de Cumptich, top non-executive, and table speech by Jos Peetersmanaging partner of Capricorn, leading VC-fund focused on China, attended by Belgium business partners.
  • Company visit; meet Antoon de Proft Board member of IMEC micro-electronics and Health Room in Leuven.
  • City visit Brussels centre.
  • Dinner in Tangla Hotel; dinner speech by Jochum Haakma, President of EU China Business Association and Gunnar Wiegand, Managing Director for Asia and Pacific at the European External Action Service; The European political landscape and better understanding of the EU-China Investment agreement.

Day 6: November 28th Thursday Stuttgart Industry 4.0

  • Meet the board; company visit Daimler Mercedes Benz.
  • Dinner and evening flight to Berlin. 

Day 7: November 29th Friday Berlin 

  • Lecture by Stephen M.R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust and Jolanda Prijs, Managing Partner Benelux of FranklinCovey, on Living in a low-trust world surrounded by crises and challenges. Who can you trust? How can you trust?
  • Farewell lunch hosted by Bo Ji, Chief representative Europe of CKGSB and Maarten den Ottolander, Managing Partner of Hemingway: Sharing insights of the European programme.
  • Shopping Kurfürstendamm and further leisure.

 The program is also accessible to participants who want to sign up for a day or a part of the day. Please fill out the contact form when interested.



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